Outdoor Living

Today was chalk full of things I love. Being outside, playing with the kids I nanny, seeing friends, and hanging out with Elsa. I slept in since I didn’t get off work until 12:30am last night, and then I headed to coffee with a friend at Cafe Dolce. It’s a gorgeous little cafe in the university district and it only took me about two minutes to ride my bike their. Good thing too! We got so caught up in talking that I had to book it to work. The kids were in a great mood! 


We built a fort, took a walk to pick up the two older kids from school, and then some neighbor kids joined in and we got a baseball game going. 


In the midst of all this I found time to do some laundry, tidy up the kitchen, and make myself a fantastic and quick lunch! I spread some pesto on a whole wheat bagel and topped each half with a fried egg. I have a feeling I’ll be eating this again soon. Like tomorrow. 


I just read yet another article about how great eggs are for you. They have tons of protein, healthy fats, and are good for your brain. Good thing too, they tend to be my default. 

After work I was craving some fruit so I rode my bike to the store and bought watermelon and bananas. Elsa and I sat outside and I enjoyed my book along with a mug of delicious summer fruit. 


Being outside in the sun boosts my mood and my energy so much it’s incredible. No matter what I’m doing, it feels more peaceful when I can feel a light breeze, smell the grass, and soak up some vitamin D. So much better than sitting at a study table! 

My cousin, Phoebe, and I met up later in the evening to take our dogs to the dog park. Her dog Maisey is absolutely adorable and I could see her tail wagging from a block away. She was PUMPED. 


(Sorry about the crappy photo quality. I just had my iPhone handy!). They ran for nearly an hour, Maisey chasing the ball and Elsa chasing other dogs who were chasing balls. Elsa ended up meeting this tiny little dog and frolicking around with her for a while. She would run in circles around her and jump over her whenever she got the chance. She’s been passed out ever since we got home so I think all the running did the trick! 


She didn’t even try to lay down on me while I did a yoga DVD. That’s nothing short of a miracle from my standpoint! I went on a long road trip last week and my back has been tight from sitting in the car for so long. I’m almost always working during the yoga classes at my gym, but this evening I remembered I randomly bought a DVD at Target a while back! I popped it in and flowed through some Vinyasa practice for 45 minutes. 


I feel so good now! All the walking and biking I’ve been doing have really helped loosen it up, but the gentle stretching was the final key. Lately I’m liking yoga more and more. I used to do it with poor posture, sticking my booty out too far and not using my core, so it would always make my back hurt. Luckily, my mother is quite the yogi (she’s an instructor!) and showed me the error of my ways. Now I notice a lot more muscle tone and fewer aches and pains since I’ve started going regularly. Since I’m working so much this summer I better stock up on some more DVDs! 

Off to read some more and fall asleep. Tomorrow is looking like another great day. Don’t you just love summer? 

Let’s chat!

What’s your favorite form of exercise? Do you prefer hot or cold weather? 


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