Dress Up

This morning at six am my alarm woke me out of a deep slumber. Even though I tried to pick the cheeriest ringtone on the history of earth, the tinny blaring of my cell phone was not a welcome interruption. Normally I have no problem waking up early, but this morning I made an exception. I slept in until 9! And I still had plenty of time to do all the things I like to do in the morning. Oh yeah. 

ImageFinally, Elsa made it known that it was her breakfast time gosh dang it. I got out of bed, fed the beast, cooked some oatmeal, and took a lightning fast shower so I could have time to walk Elsa for an hour before work. 


I love taking her on walks because she gets so many comments. “Is that a doberman?” “Pretty dog!” “Wow cool dog.” “(gasp) MOM HER NAME IS ELSA.” etc. 

I worked all afternoon, the youngest child I nanny had a play date with her friend and we had a blast. Her little friend has six older sisters so the amount of dress up clothes they own is insane. 


Her friend is such a sweet little boy. We had a fashion show, sang, played dress up, colored, and ate peanut butter sandwiches. Watching them twirl around the yard in their poofy skirts and making up new dance moves was so adorable I just could not stop smiling. They got ahold of my phone while I was in the bathroom and took about a bajillion pictures. Some look pretty cool! 


I call it “Coloring, An Abstract.” After this followed 17 pictures of an extremely confused three year old, probably wondering how the camera got flipped around. Those two little goofballs were everywhere today! 



Cute story alert: I was holding N (the three year old) and humming a song. I looked at her and said, “wow this song is stuck in my head!” to which she responded by twisting my head side to side and saying, “Let me see!” It took the longest time to explain what I actually meant. 

 I said goodbye for the afternoon, hopped on my bike, and logged 10 miles. Coming home and stretching out felt glorious, a light workout after work always brings my energy level right back up. Afterward I sat outside and read some more with Elsa. 


That scratch on my lip is from playing “Tigers” with four children..they got a little carried away! Once Elsa and I had eaten (Enchilada and salad for me, dog food for her) we headed to the dog park again. A woman remarked on how proudly Elsa prances around and it made me so happy! When we first got her she constantly hung her head and cowered in fear. Now she’s an energetic and confident little lady. 

The rest of my evening plans include reading, watching and episode of Dexter (I’m so obsessed!), and going to bed early. I have a full day tomorrow so no sleeping in again! 

Are you a morning person? What were your favorite games to play as a kid? 



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