Kids are Hilarious

I nannied for eight hours today, and I have so many funny stories. The kids were on a roll. I don’t want to share their names but today I was watching F, H, and N. F is 7, H is 5, and N is 3. Let’s begin.

I walked all three girls to Dairy Queen. As we were standing in line, H looked up at me and asked, “are you wearing a bra?” To which I responded in the affirmative. She promptly began to pat my chest and exclaim, “wow your bosoms feel so hard because you are wearing a bra!” She’s five and she says bosoms. Everyone around me in line was chuckling as I tried to subtly explain that we could talk about this later.

ImageThen it was N’s turn. She was walking through the kitchen carrying a piece of toast with Nutella on it. The toast fell to the floor and smeared Nutella everywhere and she just kept right on walking. I said, “hey you dropped your toast and made a mess!”expecting her to turn around and pick it up, but she just looked at me with a consoling face and said, “that’s ok.”


Uh, no. Pick up the toast, small human.

Finally, as I was getting ready to leave, their mother was writing down my work schedule for the rest of the week. F randomly blurted out, “mom don’t ever fire Georgia-Mae ok?!” to which her mom responded, “I’d get rid of you guys before I’d get rid of Georgia-Mae.”



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