Youngest Sibling

I only worked for five hours yesterday, but man did we cram a lot into that time period. We had a playdate, a picnic, colored, and took a nice long walk.

ImageN was crying because she always loses races to all her older siblings. I told her that sometimes being littlest is hard, but in my head I was ticking off all the advantages. Your parents will let you do everything YEARS earlier than your older counterparts. Laptop? PG-13 movies? Ears pierced? Oh yeah. Then I scooped her up and we ran to catch up with H as we bellowed a war cry. Youngest siblings unite!

After I got home and walked the beast, it was time to run some errands. I’m so tired of all the food I’ve been eating lately so I ventured to Costco…

ImageWhoops. Eighty dollars later I now have bananas, raspberries, chicken flautas, turkey burgers, maple syrup, whole wheat bread, two giant salad kits, ham slices, and a whole lot of almond milk. It’s good, though. I think sometimes it’s mentally easier to drop 8 dollars on lunch rather than 80 at the grocery store, but it really does save you a ton. This food will feed me for the next 3 weeks at least.

ImageFor example: for dinner last night I had two chicken flautas at fifty cents each, a scoop of refried beans for twenty cents, and some guacamole for 50 cents. That’s less than two dollars people. The same dinner at a Mexican restaurant would probably have totaled 12 or 15 dollars after tip, and had a lot more sodium and grease to boot. So what I’m saying is, enjoy having free reign at the grocery store! It’s still always cheaper than going out.

I took Elsa to the dog park again last night. I love the weather here during the summer months, it just cannot be beat.

ImageSpeaking of Elsa, she has a new obsession. We have a new couch in our living room and I think it might be her soulmate. Last night she woke me up at 3:30 am so that she could grab a shoe and go sleep on her couch.

ImageThat’s a really, really terrible photo to show you her elation after she jumped on it for the first time. Between her shoe collection and that couch I think she’s set! Although now she’s cuddled up in my bed…so maybe she’s changed her mind? The saga continues. I’ll keep you posted on every thrilling turn.

I don’t work today! (wahh). But I get to go watch my cousin Phoebe give a speech about her high school career, go to Yoga and Zumba, and chill with my dog. I enjoyed a delicious breakfast of chia seed oatmeal with bananas and raspberries and am feeling fueled and ready to tackle the day!

ImageOh and peanut butter, of course. It has the fat to make my breakfast stick and also I didn’t have peanut butter planned into any of my other meals. I think my soul withers a little if I don’t eat peanut butter, so we can’t have that.


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