Yesterday morning after my delectable Chia seed overnight oats (recipe coming soon) I drove to Willard high school to watch my lovely cousin, Phoebe, graduate. 

ImageEach student got to get up and say a few words, and she looked so beautiful and poised. It has not been an easy road for her to get here and we are all so proud of her. If you want to know more about her story, check out this article that the Missoulian wrote about her!

Willard is an alternative high school and I loved hearing a tidbit about everyone’s journey. Sometimes I think we overlook all the work and support it takes to graduate and I think it’s fantastic that there is a place for students who have struggled to get through school. The teachers love the students, the students love the teachers, and everyone graduating was so proud to be there. Afterward, Phoebe, Molly, and I drove to the break to grab coffee. 

ImageI had an iced coffee with tons of milk and the three of us split a piece of the pecan pie. Holy yum! Caramelly filling, crunchy top, and buttery crust. Not going to lie, I need to get back there and have a piece all to myself 😉 

Once Phoebe had to get back to school, I returned home to change for my yoga class. I wore non-workout clothes for a full three hours yesterday though! Yes. We worked on tons of strength moves yesterday and I can feel them! 

ImageOr, you know, just feeling sore. Whatever, take your pick. I came home hungry and quickly whipped up a cool summer lunch. 

ImageHam sandwich, carrots, and a nectarine. I fixed a plate for my sister’s boyfriend, Jacob, as well. After specifically telling him that he HAD to eat the carrots, I discovered them in the trash can. I then had to roundhouse kick him. haha! Not really but I did give him a hard time about it! 

Not one to sit still for long, with my belly full I leashed up Elsa and we went on a nice 45 minute stroll. We took lots of breaks in the shade so that she wouldn’t overheat. I saw a picture a few weeks ago of a dog who had burned his feet on hot pavement, so I periodically put my hand on the sidewalk to make sure it wasn’t too hot. I think I looked a little crazy. Oh well! The sun sure tired her out though. 

ImageI finished my book yesterday so I had to ride my bike to the library to get a couple new ones. I picked up “The Science of Shopping” and I can’t wait to read it! I’m all about the nonfiction lately. 

ImageHalley, Jacob, and I all went to Halley’s Zumba class last night. The summer classes at the rec center are fairly small because so many students are gone, but it’s actually really fun! We did a bunch of new songs and it’s nice having plenty of space to dance around. 

ImageFor dinner we made one of the salad kits I bought at Costco and ate it along side turkey burgers. Yum! 

ImageThen we watched Game one of the NBA finals. I never watch basketball except during the finals and I find them really exciting. I felt terrible for the teams having to play in 90 degree heat though. I don’t even run if it’s about like 78 degrees outside, so I would have just sat down with my ice bag and said “go on without me.” 

Have a great day! 



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