Chicken x2

I went and saw “Edge of Tomorrow” last night, and I really enjoyed it! Dude. Emily Blunt got so ripped for that role. When she does that tricep pushup in the beginning I was just like “whaaat?!?”


Talk about motivation.

Four hours after I got home from the movie, I rolled out of bed to drive my sister to the airport. On my way home at 5:30 in the morning I almost had a heart attack when I saw a sheriff driving up behind me as I was going 10 miles an hour over the speed limit. Luckily, he must have been in a hurry because he actually ended up passing me.

tumblr_m2ridbgsSM1ql5yr7o1_400My record of zero tickets is still intact! I crawled back into bed for two more hours and then my grumbling tummy woke me up. I enjoyed two whole wheat waffles with peanut butter, the good half of a banana, and maple syrup. Plus a big mug of coffee of course.

IMG_6835Yum! Then, it was workout time. Onto week four of Jillian Michael’s “Ripped in Thirty”, or as she calls it, “the mother of all workouts.” Some of my favorite quotes from the DVD include, “I am going to break you in half”, “You should be gargling your heart right now” and “You’re not going to die. I’m pretty sure you’d stop before that happened.”

giphyNeedless to say, it was a great workout. After a shower and a bunch of running errands around town I met up with my friend Hailey for lunch at El Cazador. I ordered the chicken mole and polished off my rice and beans and a little less than half of the chicken. So yummy!

IMG_6844After lunch I came home to spend a little time with Elsa before I had to go to work. Unfortunately it was much too hot to walk her, but she’s pretty lethargic from the heat anyway.

IMG_6847I’ll get her out for a long one tonight when the sun goes down! Work was great as usual. I’m going on vacation with the family I nanny for starting tomorrow and I’m so excited! We are staying in a huge beach house on the San Juan islands and stopping in Seattle for a night on the way. Should be a blast.

Dinner consisted of the rest of my chicken from lunch mixed with brown rice and a TON of frozen veggies. At work I also snacked on an apple and some watermelon. I hadn’t eaten a single vegetable yet today so I probably threw in like a cup and a half into my evening meal. It tasted fantastic.

IMG_6907Tonight will be pretty low key as I am leaving for Seattle early tomorrow morning. I’ll continue to post while I’m out of town and I am planning to keep up on my workouts when I’m there since I get 2-3 hours to myself every day. I hope you have an awesome evening!



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