San Juan Eats and Workouts

This morning around 7am our trip had a little hiccup.

IMG_6374Both of the little girls woke up screaming and crying with 103 degree fevers. The oldest girl of the other family we are with is very sick as well. We spent a few hours cuddled up in bed while they shivered, slept, and cried. They’ve been laying low all day and right now they’re laying down watching Frozen. Again. Poor babies!

Before the sickness set in, we had an amazing couple days! We went out on the ocean to watch Orcas jump and swim, shopped downtown, and ate at an insanely nice restaurant right on the water. Not to mention watching the sun set over the ocean and falling asleep to the sound of waves crashing on the beach.


IMG_7001 IMG_6987 IMG_6972

Don’t be fooled- I’ve only taken pictures of my meals that weren’t at other people’s houses and that were pretty. These ones also happen to be extremely healthy! It’s always nice to throw in a few purely yummy meals on vacation though. I’ve enjoyed an incredible grass fed burger with steak fries, homemade cheesecake, and then there was dinner last night. Holy yum. Lobster bisque, fresh baked sourdough, duck with berry compote…I was STUFFED. I’ve been keeping my breakfasts really healthy and light though, it’s good to start the day off on a healthy note.


IMG_6992I went on a 4 mile run on Sunday and a five mile run this morning. The thing about running is that I can do it without waking up the kids (as opposed to a workout DVD) and it’s so simple. This island is HILLY though! On my run today there was this giant hill that wound around through the woods. Every bend looked like it was the end of the hill and after about four false endings I was so over it. Somehow I powered through though! I think the fact that cars kept going by helped me out. It’s nice to have some extrinsic motivation when all your thoughts sound something like, “This sucks. You should stop. My butt hurts. Just go eat one of those fresh baked doughnuts. Ouch. I’m hot. This is stupid.” Etc.

Anyway, I’ve been having a fantastic trip and keeping up a somewhat healthy lifestyle while making sure to enjoy the treats that I can only get here! YOLO am I right?!? hahaha. Here’s to hoping the kiddos feel better soon and I can somehow manage to stay away from this bug.



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