Meal Planning

I bet this will sound familiar to many of you. You get home from a busy day and as soon as the door closes behind you there is only one thing on your mind: food. You walk into the kitchen and open the fridge and then just stand there, entranced. There are so many ingredients in front of you but the only thing your brain is telling you is EAT NOW EAT NOW EAT NOW. You don’t have any idea of a coherent meal you want to assemble so you just grab the first thing that sounds good and eat it, even if it’s not the healthiest option.

This has been happening to me a lot this summer and I feel that sometimes it is undermining all the working out I’ve been doing. Since preparation and planning are the keys to success, I downloaded a meal plan app!



It’s so simple. You just double tap on the day and meal and type in what you want to eat. I knew that if it was some crazy complicated system I’d never use it and I also love that it’s not a calorie counter. I don’t want to get into counting calories,  I just like having a plan for the day so I can make sure I am eating healthfully. This is my plan for today! I ate half a banana with peanut butter before my 3 mile run and then afterward made myself a blueberry, banana, spinach, and vanilla yogurt smoothie. Yum! This meal planner doesn’t include a category for snacks so I will just stick with options like nuts or fruit to supplement my meals because I doubt what I have listed will keep me full through an entire day of nannying and a workout.

I’m excited! I think this will be a great way to simplify my life and make healthy eating less of a chore. Have you ever tried meal planning?


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