Elsa’s Big Debut

This little bean is quite tired this morning after a major adventure yesterday afternoon. 

IMG_7541Halley and Jake signed up to do some modeling for the Rocky Mountain School of Photography and they asked if they could bring Elsa along for a few shots. They graciously agreed, and I went along to watch Elsa while Jake and Halley were taking photos without her. 

She made some new friends. (This was so weird because normally she is terrified of men she doesn’t know but apparently this guy was THE man). 

IMG_7523She hid behind my chair and under a tiny table. 

IMG_7525And then she heard her other mom laughing and just HAD TO GET IN THAT ROOM RIGHT NOW, pulled the leash out of my hands and….

IMG_7527Crashed their photo shoot. It was adorable and she did a great job until all the different voices and flashing started freaking her out and I took her home. Our little model! 

Yesterday’s eats 

UnknownBreakfast: Toast with peanut butter and jam

Lunch: Chicken and bean taco with veggies 

Snacks: cottage cheese, a peanut butter topped graham cracker, and an apple 

Dinner: I had work from 4-6 and a spinning class at 6:30 so I just grabbed some cold meatloaf at work. It actually tasted really good! Threw some grapes on the side to round out my plate. 

Have a fantastic Wednesday! 🙂 


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