Eats Lately

Lately I’ve been enjoying eating really clean. I crave vegetables! Luckily for me, my sister and her fiancé have been cooking a lot as well as the family I nanny for and my boyfriend. I’ve been pitching in myself, and that’s lead to some fantastic meals over the last few weeks!


Whole wheat noodles with vodka sauce, a meatball, and roasted veggies (aka my new obsession).


Quinoa salad, cuties, and carrots. Raw carrots make me feel like a rabbit.


Marinated chicken breast, brown rice, and more roasted veggies.


I didn’t actually eat this meal, but the other night I made the kids a “build your own taco salad bar.” I cooked up taco meat, Spanish rice, and laid out a bunch of toppings for them to load into their shells.


Alaskan salmon with veggie noodle teriyaki stir fry.

Wowza! That’s not even all of the great meals I’ve been enjoying lately. Lucky me.


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