M&M’s For Dinner

After two hours of MCAT studying and a couple hours of physics, I was pretty ready to switch up my view.


I came home with plans to keep working on homework, but then our friend Aislinn showed up at the door for a movie night I had totally forgotten about! Goodbye density of fluids..hello Jennifer Lawrence.


While we watched the movie, I had a very nutritious dinner to help fuel me through the emotional roller coaster that is The Hunger Games.


hehe. Coffee and chocolate were a match made in heaven. While we cuddled up under blankets, cranked the space heater, and lit some candles, Elsa had no trouble settling right in as well. She actually loves winter because it’s cold enough for her to cuddle with us non-stop, and when we leave we might just tuck her in under a blanket with a pillow. Spoiled? hmmm.


That’s my sister, Halley, and my brother-in-law Jacob. 🙂

Once the movie was over, I finished up a little more homework before doing some prep for today. I got the coffee pot ready, packed my lunch, and then took a hot bath! Yay for no school on a Wednesday!

Today’s agenda includes: Class, gym, pick up shadowing badge, work, study, write an essay, and listen to “Hello” by Adele 1,000,000,000,000 times. Priorities.


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