Busy Doing Nothing

Yesterday was one of those aggravating afternoons where you’re running around and feeling super busy, but in actuality not getting much done at all. After my morning class, I stopped by the gym for an hour to bust out a biceps and shoulders workout.


Weightlifting without doing cardio always feels strange to me. There’s so much sitting around! My legs are hurting right now, though, so upper body it is 🙂 I’m doing a series from bodybuilding.com that is supposedly what Hugh Jackman followed to get ripped for X-Men. So if you start seeing some pictures of Hugh Jack on here, don’t worry, it’s still me! 😛

After the gym I ran to the hospital to pick up a badge for my shadowing shift tonight. It turned out that the woman I needed to get the badge from was gone until 12:30pm and got off work at 3:30pm. I was there at 11:15. Womp womp. I grabbed a cup of soup at the grocery store nearby and ate it in my car like the cool kid I am.


I thought about waiting around until 12:30, but I didn’t have anything with me to look at so I just went to home before work instead. I called the woman and she is leaving the badge in her mailbox for me. When I got home I was still STARVING so I grabbed a snack and partied with Elsa and our neighbor cat.


After work I went and saw Tim at Cordial Physical Therapy, aka my bff, for some help with this pain in my legs! 60 needles in each calf and some nerve flossing later, I can actually walk like a human being again. That man is a godsend.

When I got home, Elsa was chillin’ like a villain.


Legs crossed and everything!! What a little lady. The rest of the night was kind of a wash. I did some homework but not nearly as much as I needed to. This whole getting dark at 4pm thing is really hitting me hard this year! 6pm rolls around and I am 100% ready for bed. Last night I was asleep before 9, so I’ve got some work to do this morning!

Goals for today: 1. Go grocery shopping. My lunch today consists of a peanut butter sandwich and a bag of raw peas. Let me tell you how pumped I am.


ewww. 2. Finish the biochem chapter I’ve been putting off reading all week. 3. Get in AT LEAST one hour of MCAT studying.

I’m shadowing in the ER tonight from 10pm-6am so the next time you hear from me I will have been awake for 24 hours straight!! EEEEEK! Have a great Friday!!


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