I Got Friday the Thirteenthed

Yesterday started out with such promise! I woke up, had a big healthy breakfast, and started my coffee binging to prep for my all night shadowing stint. I felt pretty tired and headachey but I was determined to push through. I went to all my classes, although I used the sociology hour to study for the MCAT.


My sociology class is such a waste of time. The topic fascinates me, but don’t require attendance and then show random YouTube videos for 50 minutes! If you’re going to force me to be here, I will use the hour to be productive.

After class, I went and picked up my badge (for real this time). They gave me one that said “observer” aka DON’T LET THIS PERSON TOUCH A THING THEY ARE A NOOB AND DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. KEEP THEM AT ARMS LENGTH.


At this point, my eyes were a little blurry and my head was really starting to bother me. I took a couple Excedrin and drank another cup of coffee. Because I am SMART.

Then I went to work! When I first got there, Townes was in a MOOD. I loaded him in the car to head to the mall and asked him to smile for a picture…this is the look I got.


All throughout the evening, I started feeling worse and worse. Driving back from the mall, the lights on the headlights were killing my head and sound was starting to affect me as well. Luckily when we got back, Townes and the kitty played a rousing game of LETS MAKE AS MUCH NOISE AS WE CAN.


So adorable. So painful. At this point I was pretty sure I had a serious migraine coming on (probably from chugging coffee all day) and so I rescheduled my shadowing. WAH. I went home and was knocked out by 9:30pm.

I woke up this morning at 9 to this view:


I’m usually one of the first people up in the house, so when I sleep in these two always come to check on me. Still feeling kind of crappy today, so I’ll lay low this morning and early afternoon before I head over to hang with Townes some more!

Pretty disappointed the shadowing didn’t work out, but I know I made the right choice to reschedule. I doubt I would have made it the whole night and even if I did I would feel like a royal pile of poop today. Even more than I already do. Plus, now I have 8 extra hours of study time today when I planned to be sleeping!

I’ll get em next time.


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