Pumpkin Quest

Our day yesterday began with a journey of epic proportions. While walking Elsa out on the Kim Williams trail, she found a massive chunk of someone’s old halloween pumpkin.


Upon her discovery, she immediately turned toward home at a highly increased speed. We passed hundreds of Griz Game revelers at their tailgate and she got so many comments. But she was not to be dissuaded.


She carried that thing for about thirty minutes until she finally got to devour it at home.

After that adventure was over, did some studying before heading to pick up Townes! He was looking extremely stylish, and unintentionally matching with my boyfriend, David.


Look at that little smirk! We got to hang out until 9pm, and then luckily I rescheduled my shadowing for last night!!

We had two super drunk people, two sick babies, two homeless people, a woman with colitis, a little girl with an abscess, and a teenager with back pain. I thought it was so fascinating to see such a range of maladies in one night! Although, I don’t know if I could work nights and I could see how the doctors get frustrated dealing with people who come into the ER over and over for exaggerated problems.

I got home at 3 am and was strangely wide awake!


I read the The Count of Monte Cristo for a few hours and then knocked out. Meeting my friend Hailey soon to study for our test tomorrow. I’m excited to visit a new coffee shop in town!

Have an awesome Sunday!


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