A Wonderful Surprise Dinner

Yesterday was a great Monday! I woke up feeling alert and ready to go. I wanted to start the week on a positive note so I had a delicious breakfast, blogged, and did my hair and make up for the day.

Plus, the sun made a debut! Hello gorgeous, stick around for a while 🙂 .


I had my sociology test yesterday afternoon and I think it went really well. Most of the answers you could use logic to figure out and the rest I remembered looking over on the Power Points. No more tests this week! Whoop whoop.

I went into the lab to work for three hours and I felt super productive the whole time, which was great. As I was walking home from work, my sister texted me saying that she was walking Elsa! I met up with her and my brother and law on the corner before I got home and we headed to the Kim Williams Trail to stroll for an hour or so.


When we got home, there was the sweetest surprise waiting for me that brought happy tears to my eyes.


Our friend Sarah, who we love like family, knew I was having a stressful week last week and she brought over dinner and snacks to surprise me so that I could have one less thing to do that day. I couldn’t believe how kind that was to go out of her way for me! I am blessed with the most wonderful friends. Truly.

After that amazing dinner, I did a quick Pilates video in my room before heading to the Skaags building to study with David.


It was a new video I’d never tried and I loved it! Pretty fast paced so I didn’t get bored. I was glad I had done Mari Windsor’s DVD a bunch of times though so I knew the proper form, since this DVD didn’t get into it at all.

Three hours of homework later and I was ready for bed! I’m hanging out with my little sister from Big Brothers Big Sisters tonight and I can’t wait to see her 🙂 We have a super fun activity planned!

Have a great Tuesday!




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