Day in the Life of a Tuesday

I always love reading “day in the life” posts by my favorite bloggers, so I thought I would do my own! This is just to give you an example of what a typical day looks like for me.

7:00am- Alarm goes off. Go downstairs, start the coffee, feed Elsa, and make breakfast.

7:30am- Read a few blogs and then write this one!

8:00am- Turn on NPR to listen to while I get ready for school. Get dressed, do my hair (kind of), a touch of makeup, and grab all my school stuff!

9:00-11:45 – on Wednesdays this is when I have physics and physics lab. Yesterday’s lab was very straight forward so I was out of there very early. It’s supposed to go until 1!


12:00pm – Have lunch in the University Commons with David, Nancy, and Keith while finishing up my biochem chapter that I was working on. Yes, one thing off the to do list!

1:00pm – Head into the lab where I work. Yesterday I made a bunch of plates and my pouring technique has gotten so much better! (Mmmmm meat extract 🙂 )


4:30 pm- walk home, eat a quick snack of cheese and fruit, and feed Elsa.

5:00pm – I grab my keys and head to pick up Vuronica! We went to the latest Outdoor Explorers activity and had a blast. It was at the Montana Natural History Museum and we had a yummy barbecue, listened to a sweet presentation about Bobcats, explored the museum, and even had a scavenger hunt! The kids were so engaged and excited. It was such a blast.

7:30pm-drop off Vuronica at home. Head to Skaags for my MCAT study group!

8pm-9:30pm- study for the MCAT and talk to my advisor about new happenings in the medical community.

9:30pm- Head home. I read an act of the play Arcadia by Tom Stoppard for my British Literature class while hanging out in the kitchen with my roommates.


11pm- Finish play. Pack lunch for the next day, get the coffee pot set, and get ready for bed.

11:15pm- read in bed for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour before knocking out!

And that was my Tuesday! Let’s see what today will bring 🙂


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