Feeling Good On A Wednesday (ya ya ya)

I really hope some of you know what I’m referencing in my title!

The bulk of yesterday was quite similar to Tuesday…I’m a creature of habit!

Lunch in the UC after class while doing homework…


Then more class, work at the lab, and stopping by the house to shove dinner in my face in the 10 minutes I had before needing to leave again. Luckily I walked in to a house that smelled like heaven!

Hal and Jake made chicken fajitas and chocolate-butterscotch cookies! Holy yum.

Then I hopped in my car and drove my booty to a Pilates reformer class. I haven’t made it the last couple weeks and I was having some SERIOUS lack of motivation to go. But I am so glad I did! Everyone there commented that they were so glad to see me. I felt the burn in my abs, thighs, booty, and arms for an hour and left with much less sciatica pain on top of all that! I’d say that’s a win win.


Yeah, and, that picture is not me. I’m sure you totally thought it was. That poor woman doesn’t know how to get on the machine facing forward. Quite sad really.

After Pilates I drove straight to campus to bust out some work! I made a quote sheet for the term paper in my British Literature class and defined my thesis. I am really going to miss having an English class next semester. I love them. I also took notes on a physics chapter before calling it a night at 10:30pm.

I came home to my two favorite goons relaxing together in the living room.


David is using the massage chair that Hal and Jake bought as a ploy to make us all hermits.

Two more days until the weekend! My family gets here on Saturday so I am ESPECIALLY pumped.


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