Random Thursday

Yesterday was a total break from routine! I’m sure you were dying to hear about how I went to class, went to work, did some pilates, and then studied…but I have to disappoint you! A bunch of random events occurred yesterday.

First, I found 46 dollars in an old purse I was putting away.


Do you know how much money that is?? It’s enough for 7 burritos from Taco Sano, that’s how much. Oh ya.

Later, at work, my coworkers pointed out a very detailed imprint on the window of the breezeway.


Poor bird. He just hit that thing full stop. And why was he so dusty? And is he okay now? So many questions.

While I was at work David texted me to see if I wanted to visit the Missoula Brewing company. I had a bunch of homework to do but my brain was all, “BEER AND PIZZA?!? ZOMG YES YES YES.” So I just went with it.

I had a few beers and a slice of the largest pizza known to mankind.


YUM. When I got home, it was pretty set in stone in my mind that I was taking the night off. I cuddled up with my strange dog on the couch and watched some Key and Peele with Hal and Jake.


She looks so suspicious in that picture. Since I chose not to be a productive member of society last night, I had a lot to catch up on this morning! I set my alarm for 4:45am and did homework from 5am-8:45am. I got almost everything done that I wanted to do last night so I am glad I chose to have a little fun. 🙂

I might need a nap later when I’m hanging out with Townes…but all in all it was a wonderful Thursday! 🙂


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