Friday, Friday, Yay!

This post has got to be really quick because I’m already an hour behind on MCAT studying for the day! Argh!

Yesterday was a lovely Friday. I got an A on my Sociology test, finished my physics homework that is due Monday, went to work at the lab, and then hung out with Townes all night.

For the first hour we played a round or seventeen of “what happens when I drop things into the couch?”


He would laugh so hard when I pulled out whatever he’d dropped in there and then lean forward and give me a big ol’ kiss on the cheek. My heart exploded.

Dinner was a simple affair. He had Mac and Cheese with peas and I had two pieces of toast with an avocado smooshed on them topped with an egg. Simple and delicious!


I semi-studied and played with Townes until he started being really fussy and rubbing his eyes like crazy. Time for bed! He slept in his crib in a couple hours after I rocked him to sleep and I hung out with the cat.


Usually I’m not a fan of cats, but this one I adore! She crawls in your lap an y chance she gets and is so dang cuddly. She also likes to pat me on the lips which I don’t quite understand. It looks like she’s saying, “shhhhh. quiet.”

Townes woke up crying after a couple hours and I picked him up and he fell right back asleep on my chest on the couch.


Then around 10pm I was getting exhausted too! I asked his mom if she would mind if we laid down on her bed for some sleep and she said go ahead! Townes slept with his head on my shoulder for two hours in bed until his mom got home. I was so out that apparently it took her like 5 minutes to wake me up!

And that was my Friday. Pretty great. ❤ Today I have MCAT studying, going in to work in the lab for a couple hours, physics studying, and my PARENTS GET HERE!!!


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