I love my family and GOALS check in!

Much to my delight, my parents and goofy dog Alice got into town yesterday. After work I met them at our house and our Aunt Caroline came over (she lives down the street) to catch up. We made a big bucket of popcorn and sat around to chat for a while.


Meet Alice and Elsa, the inspiration for the name of this blog! Both of them get popcorn thrown to them so whenever there’s some around they are on high alert.

After chatting for a while, Alice was going a little nuts and we decided to take the dogs down the Kim Williams Trail for a family walk.


We walked for about an hour and it felt so good to stretch my legs and get some exercise! Toward the end of the walk Alice started nudging her leash and bumping into my dad. He put her leash back on and she was a happy little camper. So strange. I bet she thinks that it’s actually HIS leash and she wanted to be able to lead him around again.


After our nice walk we hung out for a while. I was planning on doing more homework but I was just too excited to see my family and catch up! Priorities.

At six we met up at Caroline and Fred’s house for dinner. She made salad, lasagna, and garlic bread and I practically inhaled mine.


It was so fulfilling to be able to sit and chat with my family again. Even though we all live so close to each other, with the exception of my parents, sometimes we go months without seeing one another. All of our schedules are insane and last night made me realize that I really need to just make the time.

We conversed for almost 5 hours about anything and everything, and it was exactly what my heart needed. After seeing so much hatred and racism and fearful ignorance on social media this last week, a long dialogue with passionate, intelligent, compassionate people really helped to improve my mood.

When it was time to go, all the men were in the living room with their coats on, but the women simply migrated from the table to RIGHT next to the table and kept on chatting.


haha! Us Patterson women sure can talk! I’m so excited to soak in a lot of quality family time this week!

Now it’s time for our Sunday goals check in!


First, I’ll review how I did on my goals from last week and then set some new ones. 🙂

  1. Stick to healthy foods. Pack fruit for something to munch on while I study. Success! I had a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and a banana every day for breakfast, and my brown rice, chicken and veggies for lunch. While studying I either ate fruit, almonds, or just drank a lot of water. Of course I had some foods that were just pure delicious but that’s included in a healthy lifestyle for me 🙂
  2. Drink at least 3 bottles full of water each day. Another success, and wow! I can’t believe how much better I felt. I carried a bottle with me and was always drinking from it. I only had one cup of coffee each day and I’m pretty sure that being hydrated is what kept me from feeling so tired during the afternoon!
  3. Workout three times. Almost. I had a long walk and Pilates on Monday, reformer Pilates on Wednesday, a long walk yesterday, and I’m planning to do a Pilates DVD this afternoon. Walks + Pilates=happy and pain free me!
  4. Get in my 12 hours of MCAT study time. Fail. I worked a lot this week, and on Friday I was up much later than I expected to be so I was late starting Saturday morning. I’ll get in a few hours today but I’ll still be behind for the week. 12 hours extra is turning out to be more challenging than I thought!
  5. Keep up on my other homework. I pushed off Biochem until the break due to my physics test, but other than that I’ve been doing well on this one. I’ll do 50 physics practice problems this afternoon in prep for my test tomorrow and write my paper and hit biochem hard during the “break”.


Time for some new goals for the next week 🙂 All of my other goals still apply as well!

  1. Read all three biochem chapters again and study hard for the exam.
  2. Finish writing my British Literature term paper, do edits, and write it again.
  4. Do yoga at least once this week, Pilates at least twice, and go on lots of walks.
  5. NO SCHOOL whatsoever on Thanksgiving, and make sure to get as much family time as I can throughout the week.

What are your goals for the week?!?


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