Pilates, Fries, and Big Boobs

Sundays full of delicious food and family are exactly what the day was meant to look like.

I woke up early yesterday morning and set out to hike the “M”. I knew a day of sitting and studying was about to take place so I wanted to stretch my legs and use my lungs beforehand!


After some stretching and a change of clothes, I was ready to dive right in to that dang MCAT Biology book. A few minutes in, though, I got a fun call! David is backpacking in Sedona and he FaceTimed me from the top of one of the treks.


It looked SO stunning there! I can’t wait until the two of us can go together. After a quick chat it was really time to buckle in. I studied in my room for an hour or so and then I went downstairs on the couch so that Elsa could “assist” me.


Her tutoring consists mostly of shoving her head under my arms while I’m writing so that I have to pet her instead of doing homework. I can dig it.

Then, I convinced Halley to do a Pilates DVD in the living room with me! It was quite the adventure. We had both dogs over at that point and they so did not care about us trying to “feel the burn”.


Halley has an extra squishy yoga mat so she was getting the brunt of the struggle.

Once we were lean Pilates Goddesses…it was time to eat!! Tamarack here we come. Our whole family went along with our roommate Nic and it was muy delicious. I had the vegetarian wrap with a side salad and ended up eating the other half of my wrap for dinner, and Halley had fish tacos with a side of the biggest fry in the world.


Then everyone headed off to the movies and Nicole and I hit up Clyde Coffee to study. It is GORGEOUS in there! Next time I go I will remember to snap a pic. Now that I have a beautiful coffee shop right down the block, I’ll have to keep it in mind when I just cannot study in my room anymore.

My parents popped back over to our house around 7. I’d been hardcore stalking Sovia Vergara on instagram right before their arrival and gawking over her stunning and elaborate wedding. I showed my parents her dress (which I am obsessed with).


To which my dad replied, “don’t you have to have big boobs to wear that?”

hahahaha. A girl can dream, ok? Also her aisle was completely saturated with flowers and it was heavenly. I’m either going to have to make a kajillion dollars before I get married or become so damn good at crafting it’ll blow people’s minds. I think the kajillion dollars is about 20x more likely.

I took my physics practice test late last night after my parents left and I’m hoping that I’m ready for the exam today! Three day week! Woot woot.





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