A Great Quote

“Comparing what we’re looking for misses the point. It’s wanting to know that makes us matter. Otherwise we’re going out the way we come in. […] If the answers are in the back of the book I can wait, but what a drag. Better to struggle on knowing that failure is final.”

                                         -Hannah from Tom Stoppard’s play Arcadia. 

I loved this play. I have so many quotes underlined and written on margins of my notebooks, on napkins, and in the back of my planner. What do you think of this quote? Some find it very depressing, but I love it. It reminds me to enjoy learning for the sake of attaining knowledge, not for some future goal of getting the “right” answer.


Got back to Zumba last night for the first time in a couple weeks! I rushed home after my physics test (which went really well), grabbed my clothes, and hustled over to the gym. Halley and Jake packed workout gear for me since I had to change quickly in the locker room, and I ended up wearing a pajamas shirt because they couldn’t find my workout tank tops. haha!

It was a fun class! A new shadow taught a few songs and my mom taught some as well.


When we got home, Elsa had a very exciting gift for us.


She always grabs a shoe for us when we come in the door, but last night the sock was closer! She held it in her mouth for a good twenty minutes and kept picking it back up when one of us would come over to her. What a goon.

Last day of the week before break! Woot woot!


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