Set, break!

I only had one class yesterday morning before it was time to start the Thanksgiving break festivities. First item on the agenda? Clean the house! First, I did laundry and Elsa helped me fold it.


I cleaned for about 3 hours. It’s like a vicious cycle for me. First I did the dishes, and then  I thought, “what a shame that the dishes are done but the kitchen isn’t clean.” So I cleaned the kitchen. Then I thought, “The bathroom looks so dirty compared to the kitchen now.” So I cleaned the bathroom. Then the living room..this is why I can’t have cleaning sprees on weeknights when I actually have stuff to get done immediately.

My mom came over to grab ingredients for the pecan pies she was baking (!!!), and then we had lunch before I met my dad at a coffee shop to work on my essay.


That’s Clyde Coffee! Cute, right? I made some headway on my term paper and then we walked home (in a blizzard) so that I could get started on, you guessed it, MCAT studying! My family had dinner together and I cranked out three hours. I had cheese sticks and cereal for dinner.

But I found the ideal frosted mini wheat.


Look at all that frosting. <3. Once studying was over it was time again for Zumba and then movie night! Our great friend Kyle made a batch of apple pie moonshine and he brought it over after zumba. We all threw on sweats, had some spirits, and watched Tangled.



I slept until 10am today, which is crazy for me! After I grab some lunch with my mom I’ll head to the library until dinner. This break is so wonderful already. 🙂



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