My day off started out in the laziest of fashions. I slept in, ate some breakfast, and then posted up on the couch to watch “Marley and Me” with my roomies. And bawl my eyes out.

I also spent some time looking for a dress for a wedding that I’m going to in December, and I stumbled across a site called “rent the runway”. They have beautiful gowns!


I pretty much stayed exactly in that same position until about 1pm when we all decided to get the dogs out. It was a cold, crisp, sunny day and we walked along the Kim Williams with the three dogs to stretch our legs and get some air.



Then it was back to our house for a bit to enjoy some hot coco before the festivities kicked off!


Dinner this year was with my mom’s sister Caroline, her husband Fred, and their two kids Phoebe and Tobin. Plus my mom’s brother John, her mom Laura, my family, and our roommate Nic who is from Australia and celebrated her first ever Thanksgiving with us!


I was SOOO stinking full when dinner was over! Relaxing by the fire felt heavenly.

And boy was I relaxed…


I have so much work to catch up on today, but I am so happy that I slowed down yesterday and enjoyed my surroundings. I am so blessed and so thankful.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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