Back to the “Real World”

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA for the last few days! On Friday I studied all day and then had a lovely Thanksgiving leftover meal with my family. David flew back into town that evening and it was so wonderful to see him!

Saturday morning David and I were at the gym for three hours working on a dance together. It’s coming together so nicely, and I’ll share details later :). Then I did my “Sunday cook up”, but on a Saturday instead. Because cooking > studying.


Brown rice, sweet potatoes, rainbow carrots, and a teensy tiny bit of chicken. Like a bite in each. Oops!

After cooking, I had every intention of studying. I went up to my room, pulled my notebooks out, and sat down at my computer. Somehow after all this I ended up asleep on my bed for two hours. Hmm. The motivation was nonexistent.

Told myself I’d study after dinner. Pizza and beer happened. It was my parents’ last night in town and…studying was not my priority.


So gone. On Sunday, though, I kicked my butt into gear. After a wonderful breakfast with my roomies for Nic’s birthday, it was time to do some work! I studied for 13 hours straight on Sunday. Most of if for a test that if I didn’t even show up for I would still have an A in the class. I’m neurotic. Elsa helped me study though:


That night I went to Skaags to change up my study scene, and it was FREEZING.


Leggings, jeans, white tank top, black long sleeved shirt, heavy sweatshirt…still slightly chilly. Winter is here. Save our souls.



First, let’s recap how I did on last week’s goals.

  1. Read all three biochem chapters again and study hard for the exam. Well I have one more chapter to pour over, but I studied for 12 hours yesterday and will keep studying tonight. I’ll do my best!
  2. Finish writing my British Lit term paper. Do edits and write it again. Check!
  3. MCAT. I counted my biochem studying towards my MCAT studying this week, since it is a big topic on the exam. Even though I didn’t open my MCAT book, I’ll classify this one as a partial success.
  4. Do yoga at least once, Pilates at least twice, and lots of walks. Walks, yes. Zumba, yep. Yoga and Pilates? Nope.
  5. NO SCHOOL on Thanksgiving and soak in lots of family time. Oh yeah, I rocked this one!!

New Goals for this week.

  1. Hop back on that clean eating train.
  2. Call two doctors about shadowing.
  3. Do the best I can on my Biochem exam.
  4. Workout at least 3 times! Be it Zumba, Curves, Pilates, whatever.
  5. Get 8 hours of sleep a night.



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