Holy Productive Batman

You know those days when you have no choice but to use every second of the day to be productive? And then you start wondering how much you could get done if EVERY day was like that?

Yesterday was one of those days.

Woke up, blogged, did some homework, and went to class. Was too lazy to wash my hair so I just straightened the ends and put a hat on. #skillz.


On my lunch break I finished a book for Brit Lit and did some physics homework. Then during sociology I finished half of my physics reading. Finally, at work, while the rotovapping was finishing up I finished that dang physics homework and was home by four!

So that I could study biochem until…ZUMBA! Last night’s class was h.a.r.d. and it felt amazing to burn off some stress and excess energy. After Zumba, I met Hailey at the UC and we shut that place down.


It’s kind of creepy at night. So anyways, yesterday I blogged, read half a book, read a physics chapter, did physics homework, studied for biochem for about 5 hours, went to work, and worked out. YA LET’S MAKE EVERY DAY THIS WEEK LIKE THAT!!


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