Baby names and study coma

Did you see that Baby Center came out with the most popular baby names of 2015? Some of them really surprised me!

The first three for boys were: Jackson, Aiden, and Liam. Which is funny because Aiden is a name I have had picked out forever!

The top three for girls were: Sophia, Emma, and Olivia. Cute!

It’s so interesting to read that list every year and think about what causes some names to suddenly surge in popularity. Usually it’s pretty obvious, like Bella when twilight came out, but Jackson and Sophia are a little trickier! Where do you think those came from?


Yesterday was a fairly long day. Having a test at 7pm really makes the afternoon drag, but it’s always such a relief when it’s over! I think my Biochem test went well, actually. We shall see.

Got my physics test back in the morning and got an A! That was a little bonus of motivation to start out my week. 🙂

At work, my boss was in celebratory mode so we all took a shot of whiskey out of scintillation vials. Mine was like the tiniest shot in the woooorrrrrllllldddd and it still burned like crazy! What a wuss.


I’ll stick to beer, thanks! haha. After work I met up with Hailey again to get on that Biochem grind.


This was at two. Around 5:30 we looked more like:


BUT we ordered a pizza from Dominoes and that really perked me right up. 50% off online right now! So we got a spinach, mushroom, and olive pizza for 9 buckaroonies. Oh ya.

After the test I headed to Skaags to do physics. Doing homework after a test can be a drag but I work 8 hours this afternoon after class so it was the only time I really had! By the end of the night I was SO ready to crawl into bed!


Why is sitting all day using your brain so tiring? I don’t get it.

Tonight I get to hang with Townes AND meet up with Vuronica for dinner. Woohoo! Yay for multi-tasking 🙂


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