Double Trouble

Last night was so much fun! After class and work at the lab, I headed to baby Jackson’s house to nanny. I had planned to do a Pilates workout when I got there because usually he just plays with his toys and laughs at me while I flail on the mat. Yesterday, though, no deal. Townes was whining and crying and he kept throwing himself onto me oh-so-dramatically. Eventually, I gave in.


We walked around, sang some songs, played some games, and cuddled like crazy until it was time for dinner! Townes had an empanada from “The Empanada Joint” and it looked AMAZING. I need to get there stat!

During dinner Townes and I had a very long conversation about all kinds of things! He might not be able to say words, but boy does he have a LOT to say.


When 5:45 rolled around, it was time to pick up Vuronica! Since I will be gone for 6 weeks over Christmas break I am squeezing in as much time with her as I can before I leave. We had dinner last night, are snowshoeing all day Saturday, will hang out next week, and then during finals week we will celebrate her birthday before I leave!

Her and Townes got along splendidly. She asked me for a book series for her birthday and my heart just about exploded. Yes reading!


Vuronica had the Chicken Parm, I had lasagna, and Townes had a ball throwing things on the floor. Like, a lot of things. I gave our waiter a big ol’ tip. Eek!

When I got home it was time to relax a little! I started reading “Outline” by Rachel Cusk yesterday and I’m loving it. I poured myself some apple cider, cuddled up with Elsa, and read for a couple hours before bed. Heaven.

I hope your week is going splendidly! Almost Friday!


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