Date night, Christmas, and lock up my Kindle!

Almost didn’t make it to class yesterday morning, but I hustled right over to physics when I remembered we had a quiz! After class I ran some errands, did dishes, and then cuddled up with Elsa on the couch for an hour before work.



I started another Rachel Cusk novel. Loving it. I should probably lock my Kindle away until after finals though…too distracting!

Yesterday at the lab there wasn’t much science-y stuff to do (yes, that’s a word) so I did inventory for two hours! Whoop whoop. I actually enjoy mindless tasks like that. I just put on music, get organized, and get to work on something while letting my brain go wherever it wants. Plus, I found a bottle of solvent from January 1994. I was 4 months old when that baby came into the lab, and yesterday we were reunited. Ah, fate. Bringing people and old-ass solvents together on a daily basis.

At 5 I’d planned to stop by the gym on my way home from work to get some cardio in. But I forgot that I’d stuck my wallet in my purse while I ran errands and I forgot to put it back into my backpack. No griz card=no gym for me.


That’s me, being disgruntled. When I got home I did a yoga video instead, which ended up being perfect because my legs were TIGHT! All that walking around on ice is torture for your hips and IT bands. So glad our Uni just leaves it there for us. It’s like a fun obstacle course of death every day.


Didn’t realize my lips had made it into that photo. Wowza. What am I doing? Feeling zen as all get out that’s what! (ish).

Once I’d stretched and lunged and down-dogged and fallen over trying to do a headstand, it was time for date night! I needed a dress for a formal we are going to tonight and also for a wedding in December. I found a beautiful one at H&M and got 40% off!


We had dinner at the Mustard Seed. The highlight of my meal was this French Press tea.


The salad I got was so drenched in dressing I had to put on like 3 times more lettuce and at that point it was just more work than it was worth haha. Oh well!

The Christmas decorations are out in full swing and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It just puts me in such a festive mood. I still get so excited about Christmas!


It’s Friday! Hallelujah. This weekend is going to be wonderful. What are y’alls plans??






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