How to avoid completely losing your shit during finals

“Dead week” is upon us. And for most of us that means still having homework, a job to go to, classes where the teachers shove in as much new material as possible, a test or a quiz, and studying for finals on top of that. These last couple weeks are the home stretch, so here’s your go to list for getting through it without going cray cray.

  1. FUEL your body and your brain.


If it’s colorful, crunchy or crispy, and grew on a bush or a tree, put it in your mouth. Chew, swallow, repeat. If you go all week eating pizza and noodles and other forms of greasy carbs you’ll begin to feel like a zombie. Maybe even do a meal prep and then you can be as happy as this lady!

Diet. Beautiful Young Woman Eating Vegetable Salad

Fuck yeah! SALAD! 

But when Friday night rolls around, order yourself that pizza and have a beer. You’ll have earned it.

2. Get up and move. 


Bust our your yoga mat, walk around the block, go to a class at the gym, punch something, just move. You know you’re going to be wearing stretchy or baggy clothes all week anyway, make some use of them. If you sit on your butt and study for two weeks straight without getting some blood flow and endorphins, you will lose it. Like in a major way.


3. Try to get a reasonable amount of sleep so you don’t turn into a teary, angry, delusional version of yourself.


I understand that on some nights a full 8 hours just isn’t in the cards, but shoot for at least 5. If I know I’m going to have a short night I make sure to plan my schedule the next day so that I can get caught up. When I don’t get enough sleep, it’s not pretty.

4. Make a study plan. 


When you have a semester’s worth of crap to shove back into your brain in a limited amount of time, it can be utterly overwhelming. Going in without a plan will leave you frustrated, panic-y, and result in you crying in bed while eating a bar of chocolate and drinking bottle of wine with papers strewn all about you. Write out when you’re going to study which subject, when you’re going to exercise, make a to do list of all your pre-finals preparations, and then do you best. You’re not going to have time to get to everything. Get over it.

5. Hug a dog. 


Like, seriously. Even if you don’t have a dog, just find one on the street. A couple days ago I saw a St. Bernard walking with his dad with his leash in his mouth. LIKE HE WAS TAKING HIS DAD ON A WALK. Dogs can make you happy even when every person in the world sends you into a murderous rage.When I lived in Texas and didn’t have a dog I asked to say hi to people’s pets so often it got weird. Yolo.

Remember that you’ve been preparing for these tests all semester! Power through! We have GOT THIS. Also keep in mind that these tips only help you not lose your shit COMPLETELY. A medium amount of shit-losing is just inevitable. Embrace it.


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