I woke up this morning feeling like I’d been hit by a semi. Last night my throat was hurting and I felt extra tired, but I figured I’d give myself a fever and be good to go this am. I took a crazy hot bath, bundled up, and went to bed. Unfortunately, when my alarm went off, both my ears hurt, my throat burns, I am exhausted, and there is just snot everywhere. Everywhere.


Skipping class this morning to hopefully heal up in record time. I will be taking all the cold medicine because it’s dead week and I have to work 30 hours and ain’t nobody got time for this.

Yesterday I got a lot of stuff done though, so that’s good!


I had class in the morning, studied MCAT over lunch, went to the lab in the afternoon, and then went and nannied! After nannying I typed my rough draft for my final in British Literature and hit the hay around midnight.

Now I’m going to go take some Tylenol, blow my nose, take a nap, and hope this goes away.


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