The Last Hoorah

Today is ultimately the last super intense day of this semester. I have my physics final at 8am (eek!) and then I go to work at the lab. I’m planning to squeeze in a quick workout until I study biochem for all that I’m worth until about 2 or 3 am. Then tomorrow morning at 10am it’s all over!


Some 24 hours sure seem longer than others.

This semester has been really intense for me! I’ve always stayed busy with school and work, but I felt like I had a bunch of classes that really took some figuring out again this semester. I needed to learn how to best study for physics and Biochemistry while working two jobs, volunteering, and trying to squeeze in some exercise and MCAT studying. 14-16 hour days where I wasn’t home at all were the norm. Then I’d pretty much just get home and pass out.


I was really lucky to have an awesome sister and brother to help out SO much with our pup. I got plenty of snuggles on weekends and between jobs and definitely did not do my equal share of the work this semester.

That being said, even though I was crazy busy I had a wonderful last few months! I think I really figured out what kinds of exercise work best for my body to avoid nerve pain, Vuronica and I grew closer than ever, I learned a TON working in the lab, Townes made me laugh every time we hung out, I am doing well in all of my classes, and I got to spend what little down-time I had with people I really love.

Time to finish this up!




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