Sorry body!

For the last several days I have not been very nice to my body. Getting super sick right before finals really screwed me over on the whole exercising to relieve stress thing, and I hardly took any of my own advice!



I kept getting headache after headache after headache until it pretty much just turned into a constant throbbing for the last three days. So I was popping ibuprofen every few hours to be able to think clear enough to study. Also chugging caffeine, and when that didn’t work turning to food to keep me up.

Needless to say, I’m ready to hit reset!



I’ve been sucking down water like a maniac all day. That’s usually the easiest way for me to get back on a healthy track. I feel like it flushes out all the crap and rejuvenates me. Plus, getting more than 5 hours of sleep tonight will feel AMAZING! I cannot wait.


On Friday I leave for a six week long trip. I’m going to California, Portland, Toronto, New York City, back to Portland, and then home. Phew! I want to make sure to eat healthy while still enjoying new and fun treats and I NEED to make time for exercise.

What are your best tips to stay healthy while traveling??



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