A New Guest and Meditation Fail

Tried out a new coffee shop in downtown Portland yesterday morning to get some studying in. Remember the good ol’ MCAT? Yeah…I hopped back up on that wagon yesterday. Yeesh.


It was a cute little cafe and if I was a student in Portland I could definitely see myself heading there on weekday mornings to get some studying in.

My dad was in a meeting right down the street, so once he finished he popped in to grab me and we headed to the airport! David’s aunt Kim helps his dad out in California, so this week David flew to California to be with his dad and Kim flew here to have a little vacation. She talks about moving to Oregon a lot so we are planning to show her around. She’s such a sweet woman.


I whipped up a batch of cornbread while we were all visiting. I haven’t cooked anything in weeks so even mixing up a simple Betty Crocker recipe reminded me that I’m excited to get back in the kitchen.


The rest of the afternoon was spent visiting and relaxing. Kim told us all about her childhood. She had to move from Vietnam to France, where she lived in a refugee camp, and then eventually she came to California with her father. The things she has seen and experienced are mind boggling and it was wonderful to listen to her stories.

When Kim headed up to her room to rest, I grabbed a Prevention magazine and plopped down on the couch with my homegirl.


They had several articles in there on the benefits of meditation. Do any of you meditate on a regular basis? I’ve never given it much of a real try, but any little effort I put forth always intimidates me. I am so bad at getting my mind to quiet down and be still and I find myself getting frustrated at how bad I am at meditating, which is not the point!

There was one tip in there to meditate while walking, so that night on my stroll with Alice I gave that a try. Alice pretty much leads us along wherever she wants to go on a walk so I just let her do the walking and I focused on my breath. I don’t know if I was really meditating or not, but I must have been pretty “in the zone” because  I didn’t pay any attention to where we were going and we ended up lost for a bit! Oops. Maybe meditating and walking isn’t my thing either.

Dinner was cornbread, chili, and salad.


I hit the hay early and read more of my book, The Emperor of Maladies. Today I have my mom’s yoga class, walking Alice, hanging with Kim, and cooking dinner on the agenda. Enjoy your Tuesday!



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