Get with the program

One of the lovely ladies I follow on Instagram has been doing an Ashley Horner workout series over the past few months. I had no idea who Ashley Horner was, but I kept seeing my friend post updates and I was blown away! Then a few days ago she let everyone know that Ashley Horner was having a HUGE sale so I bit the bullet and downloaded one of her training programs after doing 5 minutes of internet research.



That’s Ashley Horner. She’s in OK shape I guess (SARCASM ALERT) so I figured she probably knows a thing or two about weightlifting. The plan I bought is called “becoming extraordinary” and it is a 12 week plan split up into 4 different phases. 12 weeks. 3 months!



Now I’m not necessarily doing the ENTIRE program balls to the wall. I am going to do the workouts she gives me and I’ve already recruited on of my best friends, Kyle, to join me and that’ll help hold me accountable. However, I won’t be following the diet plan because it is VERY specific and while I am planning on eating healthfully, I’m still going to have a beer on the weekends and such. I am really excited to see my progress and how much stronger I can get! Gotta get those Michelle Obama arms.



I’m doing the first workout Monday morning at 7! It’s set up so you workout for 2 days and then take a rest day. Mostly free weights and I’ll make whatever modifications I need to avoid nerve pain, but reading through everything I should be able to follow them almost exactly. Woohoo!

I’ll keep you updated as I work my way through this. I haven’t been working out in the mornings for a while now so that will be an interesting adjustment! I’ll also keep going to Zumba classes instead of doing the running portions of these workouts…but I’ll still be looking mighty fine for Mexico this spring break and feeling very lovely and strong. Here’s to health!



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