Back Again

I miss having writing as an outlet, so I’ll start working on this blog again and see what comes of it!

A few exciting things have happened since we last spoke! Most notably, David and I are engaged and the wedding is in August. I am so happy and excited!


I also have another man in my life!! After my sister moved away and Elsa went with her, it didn’t take me long to realize I absolutely needed another dog. I had my eyes on him for months, and I finally brought my sweet old man Santo home in late July.


He is anxious and sweet and cuddly and stubborn and makes every day so much better.

I am still nannying, working in the lab, and volunteering for Big Brothers Big Sisters. I also teach homeschool two days a week and make it to as many exercise classes as I can! I’m only a part-time student this semester so the lack of frantic 16 hour days, while lovely, has me feeling like I should do something more productive in my downtime. I don’t know if I can call a blog productive but, hey, writing is good for you and I have to start somewhere.

If you like dog pictures, recipes, some occasional life advice that should be taken with a mountain of salt, random workouts, book and restaurant recommendations, and the ruminations of a 23 year old college student, then come along. If that all sounds absolutely awful then I’ll just be typing away into the void and to my parents. Either is ok with me!






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