Productive Monday and Senioritis

My Monday morning started bright and early with a Jillian Michael’s workout video. I do her ‘Trouble Zones’ DVD every Monday, which is why she and I are virtually indistinguishable from the neck down.



Santo woke up in time to help me out with the stretching portion of my workout.

Once I’d gotten my exercise in, eaten, showered, and gotten ready, it was time for school! I only have class from 9-12 three days a week, which is wonderful because it gives me time to walk the old man before work.

Before I knew it, noon had rolled around and Santo and I were heading to the dog park!


We met a dog while we were there who had such an incredible, heartbreaking story. He came from an abusive home where the ex-husband would often beat the dog and his then-wife. One day, while the woman was being abused, the dog decided he had enough. He took a huge chunk out of the man’s calf and gave the woman time to call the police and get out. The dog, Deuce, was rescued, the man is now in jail, and I loved seeing Deuce tromping around the park with his toy duck after all he’d been through.

We got caught in a sudden hail flurry on our way home and by the time we made it back I was absolutely freezing. I warmed up with a “mocha” (microwaved coffee + a swiss miss packet) and some popcorn while I got some scheduling and administrative “life work” done.

Then it was time for work! I headed into the lab and it was an extremely productive afternoon. I think I made up for all my laziness on Sunday with quite the work-ethic yesterday.

When I got home from work, I reheated some vegetables and lasagna, and got to studying. My motivation to study has been at a record-low lately. Senioritis? Possibly. I just don’t feel the level of stress I need to get my butt in gear without a fight. Only two more months to go!

I finished my weird, sad ice cream while I studied anatomy. Something is better than nothing I suppose.


And there you have it folks, another thrilling Monday in the life of Georgia-Mae. Here’s to hoping Tuesday is just as productive. Wish me luck on my lab practical!


Have you ever struggled with motivation? How did you get it back? 


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