What’s with the name?

Santo and Hedgehog. Huh? That’s a pretty strange name for a blog, so I figured I better share the story behind it. By now you probably know that Santo is my old man (aka my dog). He’s eight years old, so incredibly sweet, and I got him from the Humane Society this summer.

A few weeks after I had gotten him, my friend John got me a stuffed hedgehog that he saw at Walmart. He knew I’d just gotten a pup and thought Santo might like having his very own toy.


And so began the love affair between one old dog and one stuffed hedgehog. Santo LOVES his little buddy.


They frolic in the leaves together, enjoying the warm sun on their bald bellies.


When it was really cold and I had the space heater out, Santo would bring his friends over to make sure they got warm too. (he’s gotten a few more hedgehogs since the original).


They snuggle up together under the down comforter and always want to sleep in. Santo has a few more little stuffed buddies now that he adores, including a moose and a puppy, but the original bond between dog and hedgehog will never fade or be forgotten.


So, that’s where Santo and Hedgehog came from. I plan to write a children’s book with the same title someday. I thought I could do it this semester, but between school and work and wedding planning and figuring out post-graduation life and trying to enjoy my last few months in Missoula, I just plain ran out of time.

Santo and Hedgehog always reminds me to take good care of my friends.


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