Weird Mood Wednesday

Yesterday was an odd day. One of those strange occurrences when everyone you know in the universe is feeling a touch melancholy. The alarm surprised both Santo and me, and from that moment on I rolled out of the wrong side of the bed.


His ears go all wonky when he gets surprised. It’s quite cute. Despite my dark mood, there were places to go and things to see so I charged ahead and got ready for school. All throughout my classes I was STARVING, which I’m sure did not make me feel better, and all I could think about was the bagel sandwich I was going to have for lunch.


Bagels on Broadway whole wheat bagel, cheddar cheese, a fried egg, and pesto. Heaven! I tried using the lid of a mason jar to keep my egg from sliding all over the place on my uneven stove, but that failed.


One day, if I work hard enough, I can once again be the proud owner of a level stovetop. Keeps me going. It was raining and gray and slushy, so Santo refused his usual lunchtime walk. I took him out twice, the first time he made it down to the sidewalk and then froze. The second time he wouldn’t even budge from the porch. Despite his protestations, he still shot me dirty looks for the rest of the afternoon and groaned loudly about his unfair treatment. That he chose. Sigh.

Not walking the old man freed up an hour or so, so I  finished a book called “The Underground Railroad” by Colson Whitehead. I LOVED IT. It tells the story of slavery in the south, with some brilliant reimagining such as the underground railroad being literal train car.

Then it was time for work! John (the same guy who bought the original hedgehog) had a parting gift for all of us as he is packing up and moving to Florida!


I could not stop laughing. I threw this  baby on my keychain. Now whenever someone is insisting they’re “good to drive” I can make them put their money where their mouth is!

After work it was time to head to Zumba Strong. My irritated mood had turned into a glum state and I could feel tears in the back of my eyes, just waiting to fall for no reason. I absolutely did not want to go workout, but I told myself that I could just show up and take it easy and then I’d feel better.


So much for that! I got in a killer workout, dominated the planks and burpees and squat jumps and push-ups and left feeling about a million times better. When I got home, I sipped a Faceplant beer while I heated up my veggies and lasagna. BAC twenty minutes later was 0.04. haha!

Santo played with hedgehog and continued to protest his lack of exercise the entire time I was cooking. He also refused to go in the back yard because of the rain. YOUR LOGIC IS FLAWED OLD MAN.


A few hours after getting home and eating, it was time to shower and head over to one of my favorite places to nanny. It was an easy night as the girls were already asleep or ready for bed, and the oldest was at the Elton John Concert with her grandpa. After cleaning the kitchen, I relaxed on the couch with “The Denial of Death”


So far this book is not my favorite…I thought it would be a more unique psychological evaluation of the human condition, but so far it’s mostly about Freud. He really lost me when he started explaining that Type A people are so uptight because their sexually-repressed mothers did not let them play with their buttholes enough as children. Hence the term used to describe them, “anal.”


Mmm-hmm. Okay, yeah sure Freud. Let me just jump off the wagon right here. I’ll still finish it, but I hope it gets a little less Freud-y.

I got home and read until around 1am, and now I’m up bright and early to go teach homeschool! I hope you have a lovely day!


Ever had a day when you’ve been in a bad mood for no reason? Have you noticed they seem to happen to large groups of people on the same day? What is that? 





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