St. Patty’s Day 5k + Plonk + Making Dreams Come True

On Friday morning I was awake bright and early to go help the girls I nanny get ready and take them to school. Surprisingly, I had tons of energy and even woke up before my alarm! Gotta love when that happens.

Once the girls were safely delivered to their destination, it was time to go pick up Vuronica! Vuronica is my little sister from Big Brothers Big Sisters and she “shadowed” me on Friday to get a feel for what my life is like as a college student.



I think she had a good time! Our first lecturer was a guest, and bless his heart, I could not understand a WORD he was saying. Vuronica colored through that class and I hoped it would get better from there. Luckily, it did. The peak of the day was anatomy where we had another guest lecture from a dentist. She was very charismatic and showed pictures of what happens to your teeth and oral cavity when you don’t brush,  or you drink a ton of soda, or do meth.



Once I’d taken Vuronica home, it was time to walk the old man! We did our usual 40 minute loop and he met quite a few people who wanted to pet him. His heaven.

I picked up the girls from school in the afternoon, drove them to all their respective activities, took them to a playground, and then we grabbed dinner and went back to their house to chill! They were all wiped out from the week and needed a movie night. Their dad got home at 8 and I met up with some friends at Plonk, my home away from home.


Chandler, the girl right in front of me, was visiting from Alaska so we all wanted to see her. These people are the best and I miss seeing them every week, even if it was just to study! We had an amazing time getting all caught up while sipping delicious drinks and munching on a dessert board.

Saturday morning I rolled out of bed and got ready for the ‘Run for the Luck of It’ 5k! I signed me and my roommate up for this a couple weeks ago because I’ve always wanted to do it. I don’t run regularly for exercise because it tends to flare up my nerve pain, but I love doing the occasional 5k fun run because the energy is just so great.


The sun was shining, the music was loud, there were tons of cute puppies to pet, and it was such a blast! I finished in under thirty minutes without any walking breaks so I was really happy! Nic, my best friend and roomie, won the race! She’s a badass. Afterward they were serving pasties and Bayern Irish Red Ale.


It was deeeeeeelicious. Once Nic had collected her prize, we walked home and I leashed up the old man for his exercise. We ended up walking downtown during the St. Patty’s day parade. It was awesome to see, even though Santo was very disgruntled that he couldn’t go after the candy they were throwing.


So sad. Every little baby that saw Santo just pointed and shrieked. It reminded me a lot of how I feel internally every time I see a dog.

Once I’d gotten home, showered, and gotten dressed, Nic and I headed BACK to Plonk! haha. I do not usually go there quite so frequently, I promise. I had a piece of quiche and a glass of wine and we chatted about life and what our plans are.

At 4:30 I walked to the Wilma to fulfill my lifelong goal of being a waitress. Seriously, I have always wanted to be one! The Zootown Arts Community Center needed volunteer servers for their big fundraiser so I signed up.


It was HARD work and I absolutely loved it. I carried tray after tray of food to tables, bussed, filled waters, grabbed extra napkins, took photos of people, and made friends with my fellow servers. We snuck up to the photo booth during a lull in the festivities.


After a pretty intense day (I took 25,000 steps yesterday!) I came home and crashed hard. David gets back today and I cannot wait to see him.

Now it’s time for my Sunday Goals!! 

  1. Spend extra quality time with David and Santo since I’ll be leaving for Mexico next Saturday.
  2. Get all caught up on my work in the lab.
  3. Ace my psych test
  4. Workout every day.

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