Sunday + Monday Craziness

I’ve been awake since 3:30am so if there are a bunch of typos in here please forgive me! Yesterday was a super productive day for me. I cleaned my house, grocery shopped, got a bunch of homework done, and then meal-prepped for the week.

When I don’t have a ton of time or cash, this is the best meal prep I’ve found. Lean turkey, giant bag of frozen vegetables, pre-made sauce. Cook the meat, add the veggies until they’re not frozen, then heat up the sauce. I prepare whole wheat pasta throughout the week and throw a huge scoop of this on top. Viola! A healthy meal.

Around four it was time to go see David! Yay! We made pesto baked chicken breast, roasted veggies, and orzo pasta.


Then we got caught up on “This Is Us” since David was gone last Tuesday.



That show gets me EVERY TIME. I’m so happy to have my other old man home again.

This morning, as I’ve already mentioned, started WAY too early. I didn’t want to fall back asleep since I needed to be to work at 6am, so I just got out of bed and studied some more for my test this morning.


Oh yeah, speaking of tests, I got an A on my lab practical that was last week! Yay! At 5:45 I left my house to go get the girls ready and take them to school. Santo was not pleased with the early morning wake up call.


That’s the face I have to leave every morning, so it truly is a miracle that I ever leave my house. Be impressed. Also, yes I do tuck him in like that every day and make sure he has friends to snuggle.

Once I had gotten the girls to school, picked up the oldest from her commercial shoot (so exciting!!!) I rushed back home to let Santo out and get to my test. Thanks to the peanut m&m’s I shoved in my mouth thirty seconds before it started, I was on my game and I finished in about 15 minutes.

Oh yeah, random side note. Thanks to taking 25,000 steps on Saturday and wearing dumb shoes to waitress in, my feet have all kinds of cuts and blisters on them. It hurts to wear real shoes but it’s too cold for sandals so I’m rocking the hottest look known to man.


I’m about to go get my hair done so I hope those super stylish ladies let me through the door. Fingers crossed.

The rest of my day includes walking Santo, work in the lab, and a gym session with David tonight! Happy Monday!!


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