New Hair + Killer Workout

After we caught up yesterday I headed to Bella Sauvage, a salon downtown, to get my hair done! I wanted something fresh and new for spring, and Amanda (my stylist) definitely delivered.



And after!


I am really in love with the results. It’s the blondest I have ever been and she threw some red in there too in order to add dimension. Just what the doctor ordered!

Two and a half hours later (getting your hair done is a long process) I got home to a very antsy Santo who wanted his walk NOW. We went all over campus and luckily made it home in time to beat the rain.


His arthritis is getting better as it gets warmer outside, but he still limps a lot at the beginning of our walks and after he’s been lying down for a while. I give him glucosamine chondroitin every day, but if anyone has any experience with older dogs and has some advice for me I’m all ears!

Once Santo and I got home, I headed to the lab to get some work done. I listened to NPR on my wireless headphones while I did so since I didn’t get a chance to listen in the morning while I was working.

David stopped by around 6 and we were off to the gym! He led me through his mountain-climbing training workout. It’s a weighted leg routine that you do wearing leg bands to add extra resistance, and it HURTS!!!


We came home and had spaghetti and hung out in the kitchen and that was the end of my 19-hour day! I crashed hard last night and slept for almost 10 hours. I’m feeling back to normal and ready to go teach homeschool and crush today!

Happy Tuesday everybody!


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