First Driving Lesson!

Yesterday morning I had the hardest time getting out of bed, but it wasn’t my fault! Santo decided we were going to cuddle and he lay fully on top of my chest and started pawing me any time I tried to get up. I managed to escape his clutches in time to make it to class, but he’s been so extra clingy lately! I wonder if he can somehow sense that I’ll be leaving soon…I am going to miss that little weirdo!



After all the usual goings-on of the day (class, walk Santo, work in the lab, go to the gym) it was time for dinner and a driving lesson! David and I headed to the Mustard Seed for a regular feast.

Edamame, lettuce wraps, pork short ribs, and mushroom beef. It was delicious and we have more than enough leftovers for another dinner! The family I nanny for gave me a gift card to the Mustard Seed and a bottle of wine for coming over to work so early on Friday and Monday. They are seriously the best, most generous people ever! I’m trying to convince them to move to Portland so I can work for them forever and ever and ever.

Once our bellies were full, we headed to the parking lot for my driving lesson. Right now I kick around in a 1998 Subaru Forester, which is slowly coming to the end of its days. The horn doesn’t work, I get about 10-12 miles to the gallon, the acceleration is shot, and basically it is not a car that I feel confident driving around on the Portland freeways.



I have been saving up for the down payment on a new car, but since my plans for the immediate future have changed recently, I need to use that money to pay for a CNA training class. A few months ago David bought a Toyota FJ Cruiser to replace his Audi TT, but he hadn’t sold the Audi yet. We decided it would make financial sense for me to learn stick, sell my car, and drive the Audi until I have saved up enough for my Toyota Four Runner. So lesson one was last night!


David was sooooooo incredibly patient with me and walked me through each step a few times before we actually got moving. I drove around the parking lot, switching from first to second gear over and over. I stalled the car twice and David helped me get going again through my fits of nervous laughter. Overall, I think I’ll be able to get this down and I’m pumped to have a fun new little sports car! Santo and I will look so cool cruising around.

Do you know how to drive a manual? How the heck are you supposed to start the car if you’re on a hill? That is freaking me out!!! 


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