Sorry I’ve been lacking on posts lately!! Between getting ready for Spring Break, going on Spring Break, and getting my life back in order afterwards…it’s been pretty dang busy.

I just wanted to share a bunch of photos from our trip! Enjoy!


We made it down to Mexico after an overnight layover in Denver and went straight to the beach!! Our tummies were grumbling.


There are very few people in the world whom I could share a bedroom, spend two nights in an airport, be together 24/7 for a week, and STILL never get annoyed with. This girl is amazing!


Mexican coke and fresh fruit on our second morning! My bag didn’t make an appearance until the third day so Nic let me borrow her swimsuit top and I hand washed my undies in the sink until it showed up. Good times.


Gosh. To be warm wearing that. I miss it already.


This restaurant was incredible! They picked us up at the gate of this gorgeous resort in a golf cart and drove us to our table. We were like…”how much is this going to cost?!?” It was one of our pricier meals for sure…but so worth it.


Workout! I did this by the pool and then took a dip when I was done. That’s my favorite thing in the world. I’ll know I’ve made it when I have my own pool and I can do this every Saturday morning in my own home.


There was a lot of eating involved. Like, a lot.


And reading! After breakfast we would go straight to the beach. I’d read my book, get some sun, and then swim in the ocean when I got too hot. And that’s all I did. All day long. I finished the 7th Harry Potter, A Tale for the Time Being, American Rust, and Rules for Old Men Waiting.


Heaven in a bowl for 80 pesos.


Made friends with this sweet guy. I was surprised by how many tourists had their dogs down there with them! I think Santo would have LOVED it, even though the change would make him anxious.


Pelicans are my favorite wild animal. Last spring break we were in Peurto Vallarta, and I just loved watching them dive headfirst into the water with complete abandon. Now whenever I’m going to go all in on something, I say I’m going to “pelican it.” The phrase hasn’t really taken off.


Oh my gosh. My poor skin. It hasn’t seen sun for months and months and months and while waiting for an umbrella…this happened. The part that hurt the worst was the scar about halfway up my spine because that skin is just pure white.


A few too many margaritas the night before + hot sun + no sleep due to noisy partiers= the hardest workout of my life! So worth it though I felt totally back to normal afterward.


Dinner the last night. That green stuff is PEA PASTE!!! And it’s incredible!!! I must find a way to make it.


26 hours of traveling to get home. Omg. I never want to see an airport again.


Back with my old man, who stares grumpily at me while I exercise.


And back to my honey, blurry pic because we were laughing so hard!

Overall, despite a few logistical errors we had an incredible time. I feel really happy to be home and ready to dominate my last 6 weeks of undergraduate college FOREVER!!!


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