Wednesday hike up the M

Yesterday morning I went to a full-body HIIT workout class bright and early at 6am. I had felt a little shaky and tired the day before, and all the exercises felt brutally hard. I slogged through but it definitely wasn’t my best performance…I think today will be a rest day for sure!



After I got home and cleaned up, I headed to class! My schedule is a little off this week so now instead of coming home over lunch to walk Santo, I go to the lab to work right after my last lesson and walk him in the evening.

When I got home at 3:30pm Santo was pretty annoyed that he hadn’t had his exercise yet.


I munched on my favorite snack (sweet potato with peanut butter) while I studied and waited for David to be done with work so we could go on a little hike.


Yum! Simply chop up the sweet potato, wrap it in a paper towel, microwave for 5 minutes, and add peanut butter. Some people who have tried it found it super weird but I love it! Santo glared at me the whole time I was eating before falling into a mopey mood once he decided a walk wasn’t coming.

But he was wrong!!! David came and picked us up and we headed out to hike the M trail, an easy little hike that’s do-able for Santo. He wore his brand new rain jacket that I found at target. I’m so obsessed.


David is not a fan. He thinks it’s girly. I disagree. We got all situated and were ready to go! Santo was so excited.


It looks like David is wearing a Kevlar vest, but it’s actually a weight pack. When he does the M with me he wears a 40-60 pound vest or backpack to get in some extra training for Mt. Rainer which he’s climbing in May. He’s a badass. I love when he wears the vest because I feel like I can stay at his pace ha! Luckily Santo slows us down quiiiiiiiiiite a bit. He does nothing in a rush, that old man.


After the hike we took Santo home, gave him some anti-inflams and tucked him into bed. Then it was time for dinner! We ate at a local restaurant called Masala that serves up the most delicious, aromatic, and fresh Indian food. I dove into my chickpea curry, mixed lentils, and rice and we fell silent as we filled our empty tummies.


After studying together for a few hours, David headed home and I started getting ready for bed. Halley (my sister) called around 9pm to book the Air B&B for my bachelorette party! We found an absolutely stunning mid-century modern home in palm springs with a pool that fulfills all my hopes and dreams. My party is a getaway right before the wedding, and it’s just going to be a few days to relax in the sun and swim and eat good food with my girlfriends before I become a Mrs.! I’m so excited.


Have a wonderful Thursday! Friday is right around the corner 🙂 Another week almost down.



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