Run + A Huge Rooster + Dinner Out

I said I was going to take a rest day yesterday, but then I saw the sun blazing through my window and I knew I needed to take advantage of it while it lasted. I laced up my tennis shoes and headed out for a three mile walk/run. It was glorious, and when the rain returned a few hours later I knew I made the right choice.

So now TODAY will be a rest day! For real.

Yesterday when I showed up to homeschool, the kids’ already had most of their work done! They earned 30 minutes of Minecraft if they finished their work and wow did that light a fire underneath them. I read a magazine while they played their video game and then we went out for a walk and made some friends!


I hung out with a horse named Rooster and he was hilarious! He was digging through my hood, sniffing my pockets, nibbling on my braid, and nudging me anytime I stopped petting him. He reminded me SO MUCH of our old dog Alice, who was not shy whatsoever about letting you know what she wanted.


AAAAAAAAAAND now I want a horse. And a goat. And six more dogs. Hmm.

On Monday I roasted a ridiculous amount of vegetables and it is going to be the death of me trying to get through them. I had to bring an entire tupperware to work yesterday to start making a dent.


That’s a BIG plate, by the way. Not the baby ones I usually use. It’s like a platter of scrambled eggs and veggies, and I drank a Kombucha while I ate it and looked five months pregnant for the rest of the day. Yay health.

After work I studied for a few hours, walked Santo, and then met up for dinner with my friend Hailee and a bunch of other people.


She’s one of my best friends, my bridesmaid, and last night was her final one in Missoula for a while! She’s going to California for the summer to intern in a Zoo since she wants to be a vet, and until then she’ll spend some time at home. I will miss her!

At 7 I headed to a study group and we hashed out some genetics until late into the night. I just took that test, by the way, so fingers crossed that it went well!!


Happy Friday!!

What are your weekend plans??



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