Is Spring Finally Here?

Yesterday sure felt like the beginnings of a new season to me! The sun was shining, birds were chirping, everyone was out-and-about, and I couldn’t seem to wipe a little smile off my face. After my exam and working, Santo and I ventured into the sunshine to enjoy the day.


He insisted on bringing his tennis ball with him. We went to the park near my house and he chased a few throws with great enthusiasm, rolled in the grass, and howled with excitement every time I grabbed the ball from him.


And then four throws later he decided he was done. He laid down in the sun, panting, and wouldn’t let me get the ball. I plopped down on the grass right next to him and we enjoyed the warm sun until he was ready to continue. After we got home I went to the Missoula Public Library to return a few books and grab a couple more.


I checked out “In the Hearts of Men”, “Empty Mile”, and a few others.

Once I had my books in hand, Draughtworks brewery and its large porch was calling my name. I met up with a few friends there and sipped on their pineapple IPA (it’s back!!) while we chatted.


At four, I went and picked up David and drove him to the airport. He’s heading to California for the weekend. Even though it’s a work trip, I am hoping he take some time to enjoy the good weather! Once he was on his way, I returned to his apartment to get my car. Its currently having many issues, one being that it won’t start, so I dropped it off at the shop last night.


I brought Santo with me to Midas since it’s so close to my house, but after I dropped off the car I realized I’d forgotten his leash! He did so well though, stayed right next to me and stopped at every street corner when I told him to. On our walk home, Nic met us at Big Dipper and we all enjoyed a treat.


Santo’s willing me to drop that cone with every fiber of his little body.

When we got home I settled in on the couch for the night with “Empty Mile” and dove into its pages. All-In-All it was a wonderful Friday! This morning I have a hike with my friend Steph and our pups on the agenda, and a bunch more fun get-togethers.

have a great weekend!!!


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