Sunny workouts + car shopping + girlfriends

I slept in yesterday and when I awoke around 9, the sun was beaming through my window and Santo was READY TO GO! He was so flustered and thrilled when I finally woke up that he actually did a somersault on the bed! Old man still has the moves. After breakfast I ran (literally) over to David’s apartment to get his car since mine was still at the shop.


When I do running workouts they go like this: easy jog warm up for five minutes, then alternate running hard for one minute with walking for one minute until I’m done. I go a max of three miles and I only run 1-2x a week. This works for me because it satisfies my craving for a good outdoor run, but the run/walk combo halves the impact and keeping my distances low keeps my sciatica from rearing its ugly head. Thought that might be helpful for anyone out there dealing with a similar issue!

After my run, I took Santo and swung by my friend Steph’s house to pick her up and take our pups hiking!

I met Steph when she was my TA for anatomy. She loves her dog, adores reading, and is so kind and easy to talk to. She’s one of those people where you’re like, “why haven’t we been friends forever?!?” We had a lovely one hour hike and the dogs got along great! (Which in Santo’s terms means he ignores the other dog and then looks at me like ‘omg help what’s happening’ when it gets too close but he doesn’t growl).

When I got home I sipped on a Mango IPA while I prepped the last of my veggie haul from last week to eat for lunch.


Yum! Something about spring just screams for fruity IPAs.

So yesterday while I was driving to hike with Steph, the car shop called me and delivered some decision-forcing news: fixing my car was going to be nearly $2,000. I quickly texted my parents and David to ask if this seemed worth it and their response was unanimous: sell the dang thing for parts. It’s 20 years old and its time has come.

So at David’s urging I drove to the Toyota dealership after lunch to check out a few cars. I am SO TORN. I thought I for sure wanted a Highlander, but now after driving David’s FJ the last few days I’m so in love with it. There’s also a Four Runner which is sort of a combo of the two, but it’s more expensive so I’d have to get an older one.

So now I have to decide: practical family car, car I’d LOVE but that would be difficult getting a carseat in and out of, or a mix of the two that’s a little bit older? What do you guys think?

On my way home from the dealership I stopped by the grocery store to get ingredients for my cook-up this week.


Giant veggie roast of green beans, carrots, and potatoes.


And I also made some honey-mustard chicken thighs. I always wear gloves when I cook meat because I really hate touching it. I actually don’t really love meat very much, I am not a steak person and I only like it with really delicious sides or mixed in with a ton of veggies. I’ve tried going vegetarian but I just shake like a leaf and feel pale and crappy so for now I just use the gloves!

At 7 Nic and I met our wonderful friend Maddie at Flathead Brewing Company for pizza and beer. The game was on in the background and I was sad to see Oregon lose. We had a wonderful time catching up on life, Maddie is in a similar boat to me when it comes to hitting pause before grad school so it was really comforting to speak to someone who knows the excitement and trepidation of it all.


When I got home it was another early night curled up in bed with my old man and my book! Today is all about study, study, study, and I have a meeting this afternoon with someone who’s going to tear my med school application apart and tell me where I went wrong. Putting on my big girl pants for that one!!

I hope you enjoy your Sunday and get to relax a bit!




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