The decision

Alright. The car. We are going to do this “House Hunters” style and eliminate cars as I go down the list until we get to the end. Which will be really easy since I am 99% sure y’all can subtract 2 from 3 but hey, I miss that show so here we go.

  1. The first car to get the boot was…….the Four Runner!

2009_toyota_4runner_picture (11)

Pros: large interior, good backseat for kids and dogs, sits up higher

Cons: really expensive so I’d have to get an older model with more miles.

Since I need this car to last for a good 10 years, the newest one I can get the better. It doesn’t make sense to get an old car and risk having to do this all again in a few years.

2. After much deliberation and wrestling between my practical side and my childish “I want it!!!” side….the FJ was the next car to go on the chopping block

2009-toyota-fj-cruiser _40_

Pros: it’s a badass car. I like driving it. I feel cool when I drive it.

Cons: Santo has to be lifted into it, it has a horrible backseat for kids, it gets low gas mileage, and David already has one so we would have TWO impractical cars.

I got a little carried away with my excitement this weekend in driving such a fun car. However, we still have one in the family so it really does not make sense to spend all this money on a car that will annoy me to no end when I’m trying to get my kids and my dog in and out of it.

3. So…we are back to my original plan! The Highlander!ย 


Pros: it has plenty of room for dogs, holds 7 people, can fit a carseat easily, gets good gas mileage, I can afford a 2013/2014, and it will last.

Cons: it’s not as “cool” of a car. But that’s a very petty con that won’t stand the test of time.

Now that I know what I am getting, I can’t wait! Before now, when getting a new car was hypothetical it was mostly just exciting, but now it’s a little bit stressful. I’m very VERY lucky that I can afford to replace my broken car but having the pressure to get a loan and make such a major purchase is a tad overwhelming. I just know it’s something I’ll be using for years and years to come.

Have you ever purchased a car? how was your experience?




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