Poker face

I haven’t done laundry in a while, so yesterday when I was getting dressed for the gym it was in ALL THE COLORS!!!


Purple and blue pants, orange top, and green sports bra. Stylish!! I did a quick and sweaty interval workout on the stair climber and my heart rate was skyrocketing! For some reason my heart rate is always pretty quick. I walk everywhere, workout a decent amount, and my resting heart rate is still about 90bpm. When I do intervals it shoots up to 200-220 on the hard portions and has for years and years. I guess I’m just high strung πŸ˜‰

After getting showered and ready for the day, it was time for anatomy lab! We are learning about the respiratory system and yesterday we all got do do a spirometer test to check our lung function. My capacity and breathing strength were great, but when the machine guessed my “lung age” it said 31!!!


What the hell! I do not smoke or live in a polluted area so why the heck are my lungs 8 years older than they should be. Get it together, lungs and heart.

On my break between lab and teaching homeschool, Santo and I hung out in the backyard and enjoyed the sunshine while I sipped a La Croix.


Doesn’t our grass look great? We went for the minimalist look.

Once I was done teaching homeschool and walking Santo, I picked up David and we headed to the car dealership! While we were driving there he said, “honey you can’t be your normal, super excited self. Play it cool. Keep your sunglasses on if you have to.” ha! Buying a car is such a weird experience. First we had to look it all over and I just pretended I knew what the hell I was looking for. Then I test-drove it, fell in love with it, and had to be like “meh” when the guy asked me what I thought. When we finally went inside to talk money, the game continued.


“I am not excited at all”- meΒ 

The dealer kept going back and forth from one room to another to talk to his associate, which we could just barely overhear. He’d come up with one price, David would counter, and we finally got it down to a number we could agree on. Why can’t you just go to a car lot, find the one you want, and buy it? Why don’t they just offer them for the price they actually want to sell it for? I don’t like all this confusion.

At the very end the dealer asked, “so, what do you think?” and David said, “well…it’s really up to Georgia Mae now.” They both looked at me and my sense of playing it cool went straight out the window. I blurted, “well I really want it!” David just started laughing. I am not great at hiding my emotions. Hopefully tonight I’ll be driving my new car!

Once we left the dealership, we picked up Masala (yet again) for dinner.


The rest of the evening was spent doing homework on my laptop in bed, with Santo helping me out greatly of course.


I learned a lot yesterday, and I’m so happy David was there with me because he probably saved me like $5,000. Now when I buy a car again in 2033 I’ll know what to do. πŸ˜›

Happy Wednesday!!



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